Wow! Cecilia Cheung's generous act for a poor family will move you

10 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

A few days ago, Cecilia Cheung has recovered from her sickness and has resumed to filming the programme, She's my Family (明星到我家), in Yunnan.

According to Asian E-News Portal, the committee arranged the media to interview during the programme and Cecilia only mentioned about the programme and nothing about the relationship between Nicholas Tse  and Faye Wong.

'She's my family' is a reality series where celebrities live with ordinary families -- in this case, a less well-off family.

Apparently, Cecilia was in a good mood and expressed that there was no need for make-up as she will perspire while doing house chores and use her hands to wipe away the sweat.

Cecilia disclosed that the master of the family she was 'married' to, was very stylish and even called him handsome dude.

She added that the clothes that the master was wearing were bought by her and cooked 4 dishes on the first day she arrived.

The family was impressed and Cecilia did not mind getting her pants dirty.

This time, it was as good as Cecilia was filming for free, as she gave away her handphone to the little girl in the family, a tablet and bought few thousand dollars of clothes for them.

In addition, she gave away motorcycle and 2 bicycles given by 4 sponsors to the family in a bid to improve their lives.

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