Work-weary Myolie Wu finds solace in her 9 cats

15 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

It's tough being an actress, and Myolie Wu unwinds after a hard day of filming with her nine pet cats.According to, Myolie's hard work has paid off, becoming one of TVB's celebrated top four 'fadans' at TVB, and has secured her spot as Best Actress.With a packed schedule almost every day, she barely has time to rest. When she returns home after a tiring day of filming, Myolie finds joy in her cats. Proud owner of nine cats, Myolie is a hardcore cat lover. The majority of her pets are stray cats that she adopted off the streets. Myolie constantly shares pictures of them on her Weibo blog.Women resemble cats in the way that they need someone to care for them, but would always preserve their individuality. No matter how hard life turns out to be, they would always proudly hold up their chest. Loving cats so dearly, perhaps Myolie believes that cats have the best posture.As long as there are stray cats loitering when the cast is filming, Myolie is sure to rush over and provide them with food and water. Once when shooting a magazine cover with a cat Myolie suggested taking breaks, afraid that the cat would be tired.

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