Wong Li Lin and Allan Wu wanted things to work -- but they didn't and she's moving on

25 October 2013 / 3 years 2 days ago

For starters, actress and fitness personality Wong Li-Lin has moved back to Singapore from Shanghai. With regard to work, she has got her feet wet in the art world with an installation piece, Future/Perfect Singapore, which housed her in a glass cube.

There are no signs of bitterness towards actor-host Allan Wu, whom she is in the final stages of divorcing. Instead, she calls him a "very loving dad" and a "big teacher" in her life, reports an article on ST Communities.

As for why the marriage broke down, she says: "I don’t need to address it with anybody. This is between Allan and me. Suffice it to say that in any relationship, people want things to work. He and I certainly did, but certain things didn’t work out so we just have to be mature about it."

Watch Wong's RazorTV interview here.

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