Wong Jing blasts director for recruiting daughter into Category III film

25 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Wong Jing’s (王晶) 24-year-old daughter, Ada Wong (王子涵), debuted in film when she was 15 years old. In 2007, she appeared in Wong Jing’s Beauty & the 7 Beasts.

Though Ada dreams to be a movie star, her father does not approve of her decision to join the entertainment industry. Wong Jing said that he will not be involved in his daughter’s showbiz career. Accordingly, Ada is very determined to jumpstart her screen career, even if means taking on controversial roles.

Ada rose to recognition last year when she guest starred in the mainland Chinese variety show I’m Not A Star <我不是明星>, a talent show featuring second generation celebrities. She recently signed on Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏) as her manager and is in talks to star in Lawrence Lau’s (劉國昌) new Category III film. The film requires Ada to be nude.

On August 8, Ada and Jacquelin met with the film’s producer, James, for afternoon tea. James and Jacquelin chatted for over an hour while Ada sat quietly by Jacquelin’s side and played with her phone, reports Jayne Stars.

An insider revealed that both Jacquelin and Ada read the script and liked it, but the film required Ada to have naked scenes. Ada, who has a bold personality and has experience modeling lingerie in the past, said she is fine with the nude scenes but does not know how to explain this to her father.

“It’s a very sexy and realistic film, about how modern men and women view sex,” revealed the source. “There will be two stories, and Ada Wong will be the female lead in one of them. The pay is very attractive – at least a seven-figure sum. That is very high for a rookie.”

It was said Ada’s stubborn and rebellious personality caught Lawrence’s attention, which made him want to cast her. Negotiation to star in the film is more or less complete, but Ada’s father remains an obstacle.

Jacquelin confirmed to the press that the film in question is very bold and revealing. When reporters asked Ada about her appearance in Lawrence’s new film, she hesitantly said:

“Yes… we’ve met the film’s producers. They wanted to see me, but filming is not confirmed. The movie’s scale is very wide, and as a woman, it can be a trap for me. I have many things to consider!”

Ada said she does not mind being fully nude on camera. However, this would depend on whether the nudity is relevant to the script.

“I will only strip if it’s reasonable. One decision can impact many things, like how the audience would perceive my image.”

Asked about her father Wong Jing’s reaction, Ada said, “My father promised me that he would not get involved. He respects me. I am 24 years old, I don’t think he will say no?”

According to Hktopten, Wong Jing was upset after finding out it and blasted Lawrence online: "Last week, some guy thought highly of my daughter and invited her to make a movie. He stated that it will require daring nudity.

"When the silly girl arrived, reporters were already there, before she even agreed. As a father, I don't object to being sexy because it is a part of the physical performance. Yet, this move is obviously swindling 'Wong Jing's daughter' into stripping'!

"Kid, I have known that trick since I was 8. Go further away for your con. This time because my poor parenting fooled you, I will let it go. If you try it again I definitely will treat you to crap. Mark my words!"

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