Wong Cho Nam uses all his might to suck in his guts in front of pretty girls

1 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Wong Cho Nam plays a rich man in his new film, THE MIDAS TOUCH.

In one scene, Cho Nam goes topless in a swimming pool to cheer up some pseudo models, reports Mingpao, on.cc.

The always funny Cho Nam struck a variety of 'seductive' poses to show off his masculinity and attract the models.

When the skinny Cho Nam used all his strength to suck in his gut to make it flat, his ribs stuck out. With an expression that was more 'chok' than Raymond, the models laughed so hard that they almost could not work.

Cho Nam joked that this scene was quite sad. "As soon as everyone saw me they just kept laughing. Imagine if (Takeshi Kaneshiro) did the same move, the ladies' reactions probably would be 'how cool'!"

Read the full report in: Mingpao, on.cc

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