Wong Cho Lam pisses off video crew with his "diva-like" behaviour

5 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

The success of 2013’s Inbound Troubles propelled Wong Cho Lam to greater fame. Not only has he gained opportunities to make lucrative appearances in mainland China, he has also received more endorsement and film offers.

The story of Inbound Troubles, penned by Cho Lam himself, was well-received critically, and TVB immediately green-lighted a second series, asking Cho Lam to return as the scriptwriter.

Success has inflated Cho Lam’s ego according to recent reports. During the filming of Inbound Troubles’ sister production "Come On, Cousin", Cho Lam displayed arrogant diva behavior on set and sporadically changed dialogue during filming, upsetting the cast, reports Jaynestars.

o-star Roger Kwok reportedly voiced his displeasure at Cho Lam’s inconsistency and the two argued on set. Cho Lam was also very willing to reveal spoilers of the series to the media, angering the producer in the process.

In addition, reports also claimed that Cho Lam was often absent at promotions due to scheduling conflicts.

He did, however, attend a promotion event for the series on October 30. However, when the organizers suggested that the cast should dress up in Haloween costumes, Cho Lam refused. As such, the organizers had no choice but to change the promotion’s theme.


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