Wonder Girls’ Yubin hates her dark skin

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Known as one of the rare black pearls in the K-Pop business, Wonder Girls’ Yubin revealed that she has never tanned intentionally in her life.In a recent recording of SBS E!’s Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show, Yubin and Hyelim appeared as guests to talk about their experiences working with American staff while touring the US, reports enewsworld.The girls shared that that the American makeup artists would make up the members to appear like they had tanned skin, which the girls actually didn't like, but couldn't say so due to the language barrier.However, there was one Wonder Girl who was able to pull off the tanned makeup look, and that was Yubin. When the MCs asked how many times Yubin goes tanning to get her healthy golden skin, Yubin replied, “I have never gone tanning in my life.‘ She added,‘ I hate my dark skin, so I have continuously used whitening products, but I’ve just about given up.‘Yubin then shared her personal makeup skills for darker skin on the show.

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