This woman's shocking weight loss transformation is totally beyond belief

9 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

You'll probably not see a weight loss transformation as drastic as this woman's.

According to ViralCham, Mayra Rosales used to weigh a whopping 444.5kg and even could not walk due to all her 'excess baggage'.

She then went on a weight loss regimen and had several surgical procedures to cut down her weight.

The 34-year-old lost 5kg on her own in the first 10 days of the weight loss program.

She then went for 11 surgical procedures and had her weight cut down even more to 227kg.

Mayra has since lost about 80% of her original weight and currently weighs 90kg.

Her amazing feat has also been documented on TV shows, which probably comes as no surprise since she has lost a whopping 350kg. We're pretty sure it will be difficult for anyone to emulate that.

Take a look at her amazing weight loss transformation in the gallery below. 

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