Woman's obsession with Bradley Cooper borders into creepy

7 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

A 39-year-old woman named Danielle Davis has started an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page and website all dedicated to sharing photos of her life with Bradley Cooper... Sort of.

She poses for photos with a Bradley Cooper cardboard cutout, going about her daily life with him by her side for a project she calls My Life with Bradley Cooper.

Some of the photos even depict the actor with her husband and children, even going out in public to go shopping with him.

According to her Facebook page, she once performed next to him, and then he turned out to be a famous actor while she did not.

Her about page reads:

"Ever wonder why some people end up where you once thought you would be?

"I do...especially because once, long ago, I was performing right next to Bradley Cooper.

"While he became famous, I became something else entirely...though our lives have tracked in some bizarre ways!

"So this picture taking is one way, and actually just part of a much larger project, for me to poke fun at how I ended up where I am and how/why my one-time stage equal has gone on to become an Academy Award nominee."

She also clarifies that Bradley Cooper has in no way endorsed, sponsored, or participated in her project.

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