Woman's obsession with Andy Lau caused her father to kill himself

4 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

In 2007, an obsessive Andy Lau (劉德華) fan by the name of Yang Lijuan (楊麗娟) caused a media outcry after her extreme methods to meet Andy Lau were exposed.

According to Jayne Stars, her parents suffered large economic burdens in order to pay for her fan expenses, and her father committed suicide while trying to fulfill her dreams of meeting Andy.

In March 2007, Lijuan and her father traveled to Hong Kong for an Andy Lau fan meeting. Ljuan had expressed her wish to be able to meet Andy personally so she could introduce herself to him. Though Lijuan managed to take a photo with Andy, she was unable to talk with him privately.

A day later, her father ended his life by jumping into the Salisbury sea. He left a posthumous letter, which was a plea for Andy to meet his daughter again. In response, Andy criticized Lijuan’s unfilial behavior in sacrificing her father’s life.

Self-examining her behavior in the past seven years, Lijuan expressed extreme remorse. After her father’s suicide, Lijiuan volunteered at a charity organization in Lanzhou and refused all media interviews . It took seven years before Lijuan found the courage to speak about her story.

Appearing on a Mainland Chinese talk show yesterday, Lijuan recited a letter she wrote to her deceased father, and apologized for her wrongdoings. She also encouraged another fan on the show to not pursue the extreme actions she did in order to chase her idol.

“Andy Lau is not worth it for you to waste your youth,” she said. Lijuan admitted that her “stubborn behavior” led to the tragedy, and cried when speaking about her father’s death.

If Andy Lau had agreed to meet her then, would her father have committed suicide?

Lijuan said, “That was only a small goal I had in my head at the time. It’s not as exaggerated as everyone made it seem. Unfortunately, the media blew it out of proportion and nothing could have saved it.”

As for the photo she took with Andy Lau at the fan meeting, Lijuan said that the photo was taken in haste, and she did not even see Andy’s feature clearly.

She admitted, “I wanted to use the media to help me get the opportunity to talk with Andy for about ten minutes. I wanted to chat with him privately so he would know who I was.”

Returning to Lanzhou after her father’s suicide, she tossed away all of her Andy Lau merchandise and burned his pictures. She is finally able to leave the shadow behind.

In 2007 after Lijuan’s father’s death, Andy Lau revealed that he received over 100 letters from crazy fans every day, threatening to kill themselves if he did not meet with them.

Andy was shaken and suffered insomnia for nearly two weeks, until he finally saw a psychiatrist to help him deal with the anxiety. The psychiatrist held onto Andy’s cell phones and accompanied him to work for ten days until Andy’s emotional state stabilized.

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