Woman totally destroys Justin Bieber's underwear commercial

4 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Saturday Night Live has always provided good comedy, and this time, Kate McKinnon parodies Justin Bieber’s latest Calvin Klein campaign that’s been under fire from netizens since it’s release.

Previously, two guys had parodied the photos of the ad with funny hashtags like #mydeadeyes.

This time, Kate McKinnon takes shot as his “bad boy” image.

In the spoof video “Justin Bieber” is too short compared to the model -- so he has to stand on a stool, and he wears size XXS.

They also take shots at his muscles and crotch, which is said to have been digitally enhanced.

Watch the spoof video for yourself down below, and check the gallery to see a comparison between the spoof and the read ad, as well as other people spoofing the same Calvin Klein campaign.

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