Woman loses weight after nasty comment by passer-by -- and walks down the aisle 38kg lighter

30 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

A Welsh woman tipping the scales at 88kg hated seeing herself in photos and refused to plan her wedding for a fear of walking down the aisle as a fat bride.

So Claire Crowther, the mid-wife and now fitness model decided to get into shape, reports AsianTown.

Previously, Crowther struggled to fit exercise into her busy schedule as a working mum, and relied too heavily on convenience food.

But she was angrily motivated to get fit when she heard a nasty remark from a passerby, the 31-year-old mother then took action and lost 25kg in four months with the support of a slimming club and her now-husband Stephen.

Crowther was losing weight, but she still felt unfit, and so, nervously, took to the gym to find her athletic potential.

"Being the kid that always had a sick note for PE and having spent my entire adult life loving life sitting on the sofa, I had always hated the idea of jumping around getting sweaty, but I knew I had to do something."

She has now lost a total of 38kg (while gaining a lot of muscle too) - and fits her workouts in while still also working as a midwife.

Claire says her daughter Molly is now "in awe" of her achievements.

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