Woman loses 20kg after being mocked for not fitting into cosplay costumes

1 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

This Taiwanese woman's quest for a slimmer waistline began 10 years ago when she decided that she was going to lose weight to fit into the skimpiest cosplay costume she could find.According to an article in Rocketnews24, Rolan Ajo weighed over 70kgs before she started out on her diet. According to Ajo, she was disappointed with her reflection in the mirror when she tried on her first cosplay costume. She said: “What I saw was the fat version of my favourite anime character. My impression of the character instantly crumbled‘¦I was laughed at and looked down on because I was so fat and it broke my heart.‘ From then on, she avoided carbohydrates, fat and sugar. She also drank 3 litres (about 12 glasses) of water and exercised every day -- and lost 20kgs along the way.In a nutshell, she succeeded in achieving her goal of maintaining her D-cup breasts, slimming down her stomach, and wearing the skimpiest outfit she could find, through her strong desire to one day be able to fit into sexy cosplay costumes. Check out the gallery below to see Rolan Ajo and other celebs who lost weight to transform their appearances.

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