Woman lets husband smash coconut on her throat with machete

17 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Bhramharamba and Balashankar Budati are a stunt couple from India. Their stunts usually involve Balashankar smashing things on his wife

A video and screenshots on Asian Town features a coconut on Bhramharamba's neck being smashed by her husband with a machete, as onlookers watch with bated breath. They probably didn't expect the stunt to go so smoothly.

There is trust in a relationship and then, on a whole other level, there is what daredevil stunt couple Bhramharamba and Balashankar Budati share.

The Budatis, from Chirala Mandal in India, perform incredible -- or insane depending on your perspective -- feats with sticks, stones and sharp objects for the amusement of others.

And usually they involve Bhramharamba in the firing line, as in this stunt where Balashankar balances a coconut on his wife's throat before he demolishes it with a giant machete. 

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