Woman earns more than $20,000 -- by just looking like Taylor Swift

11 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Rose on the right, Taylor on the left

With choppy blonde hair, long legs, blue eyes and a savvy sense of style, Rose Nicholas is regularly mobbed by fans mistaking her for Taylor Swift.

According to Daily Mail via AsianTown, the retail worker from Chester has told how she's making up to £400-a-time (about $830) impersonating the Shake It Off singer at events.

Rose said she was 17 years old when friends first noticed her remarkable likeness to the world-famous hitmaker.

'I had long, blonde curly hair just like Taylor when her career was starting out as a country singer. My brother's friends would all comment on how much I looked like her.

'Then after I started university in Leeds, random people would start to approach me on nights out. Drunk students would shout at me, asking for a photo with Taylor Swift!'

As Taylor Swift's celebrity rose, Rose said she could not escape the comparisons to the singer.

And her day-to-day life changed forever when she went to America in early 2013.

'I went to work and travel in the USA for four months and that’s when it really blew up for me.

'Taylor’s hit album Red had come out recently and now, not a day went by where I didn't hear the singer’s name,' Rose recalled.

'I got a job in a summer camp and all the kids were convinced I was Taylor Swift.'

Rose said everywhere she went - whether it was Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Louisiana - people would follow her around with their phones.

Some fans would even ask her 'if they could film her singing'. 

'It was insane!' she added. 

With their identical pretty features, Times Square tourists in New York were convinced that Rose was the real Taylor - and she was mobbed by fans, eager to get a selfie with her.

'In Times Square, it felt like the paparazzi were surrounding me. People refused to believe me when I said I wasn't Taylor Swift.

'I was bombarded by groups of tourists, desperate to get a photo or video. It was overwhelming.

'The next day, I found all sorts of photos popping up of me on social media mistaking me for the real Taylor Swift in Times Square!'

But while in America, Rose did learn how to use her resemblance to her advantage - scoring free drinks on nights out.

She explains: 'Looking like Taylor certainly has its perks - in Boston we convinced pretty much everyone in a bar I was Taylor so we got free drinks all night!

When Rose returned from her U.S. travels, one of her friends asked if she would pose for a Taylor Swift-inspired photoshoot and she agreed.

'It was just meant to be a bit of fun but when [my friend] put the final pictures on Flickr, they went viral,' Rose said.

'Virtually overnight, I was getting calls from other photographers and offers from lookalike agencies wanting to sign me up as a lookalike.'

By December 2013, Rose had scored a contract with Costello Entertainments as a Taylor Swift lookalike and was being hired for appearances as the star’s doppelganger.

And with at least one job a month, she has raked in nearly £10,000 since starting her career as a lookalike.

Recently she was hired for an appearance with an Ed Sheeran lookalike, who is famously best friends with Taylor.

With Swifty's fame at an all-time high, Rose is regularly swarmed by strangers when she's off duty.

'Taylor Swift is one of the most famous women on the planet right now. 

'When I walk down the street, kids shout Taylor’s name at me and strangers huddle around me for a photo.

'Generally, I really don’t mind taking selfies with people, especially when it’s a young Taylor Swift fan with their mum. It makes their day.' 

Along with her looks, Rose - who is currently single - claims that her unlucky relationship history is also similar to 25-year-old Taylor's.  

'I don’t just look like Taylor - we’re also very alike in terms of our love lives. I really relate to her.

'I’ve definitely gone out with the wrong types of guys and I've had my heart broken before.'  

'I know Taylor Swift's dating Calvin Harris right now. But it would be great to see Taylor and Ed Sheeran get together, they would be very cute.

'But I know from experience that you never go for the nice guy. You can have the right person in front of you but you don’t want to pair off with them.

'Having said that, Taylor shouldn't be in any rush to settle down, I like that she’s focusing on herself right now. Just like I am.' 

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