Woah! Zac Efron's brother proves that hotness runs in the family

9 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

When Zac Efron uploaded a photo of him with his brother on Instagram, he definitely wasn't expecting such an explosive reaction.

Fans went gaga over how equally good-looking and hot the other Efron brother was, with many hailing him as a 'Greek god'.

Many shared their sentiments on Twitter and praised the family for having 'good genes', while some expressed surprise at the existence of another Efron brother.

One even wrote, "Zac Efron has a brother?!?! Why is the universe so good to us?"

There may not be many photos of 23-year-old Dylan Efron on the internet, but Zac occasionally mentions him on his social media accounts and during interviews.

Photos 1 to 18 from a fan account show the Efron family while the rest show other celebrities who had obviously passed on their good genes to their beautiful offspring.

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