Will.i.am: Making music is like being a chef

20 September 2012 / 4 years 1 month ago

Source: Bang Showbiz NewsWill.i.am thinks making music is like being a top Italian chef.The 37-year-old star likened the jobs to having the same ingredients but being able to produce different results.He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I'm like a chef - you have to have the ability to mess up a pizza and turn it into a calzone. It's hard to bake a pizza, use the same ingredients and make spaghetti and do lasagne."Think about those dishes. They all have the same ingredients, except for the flour."After scoring his first solo number one single with 'This Is Love', and judging on 'The Voice', the Black Eyed Peas member is enjoying how life has changed.He admitted: "It's amazing all the love I'm getting. I was talking to Apl - my best friend from the Peas - and saying it feels like 2002 again for me."2002 was when 'Where Is The Love?' was about to kick off. In 2012, it's a different level."Despite selling 60million records, he still gets nervous.Will.i.am said: "It's like I've never been on stage before. I've played to a million people in Brazil at the World Cup and at the Super Bowl."You'd think I have nerves of steel, but I feel brand new again."Now he is focussed on giving back to communities.He explained: "I sold millions of records, so now all there is to do is to change the inner cities that have been neglected."

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