Will new reality show 'Clara's Like A Virgin' help or harm her image?

8 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Broadcast station tvN recently revealed that Clara will be having her own reality program called 'Clara's Like a Virgin' in which the cameras will closely follow her every move.

The producer, Lee Joon Suk, said, "The program will definitely show Clara's hidden side and different charm to the public. You could also get a sense of her feelings towards various controversies. That is not all. It will reveal Clara's constant seeking for inner growth."

Clara, who received criticism for lying on various broadcasting programs, will reveal her daily life and thoughts through her new reality show, reports Allkpop.

People are curious as to what explanations she will have for her lies while on the show and whether such explanations will help or further harm her current image.

The first episode will air through On Style on October 8.

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