Will Gaile Lok marry surfing coach who broke up marriage?

4 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

It was rumored last month that windsurfing coach Cuz successfully proposed to Gaile Lok. Since Gaile Lok announced the end of her 4 year marriage with Leon Lai, she regained her freedom and happily went travelling. It was rumoured the 'third party' that led to the couple's divorce was a windsurfing coach named Cuz from New Zealand.According to Mingpao he was so happy he uploaded a photo on Instagram to announce the good news, but Gaile didn't want to irritate her ex-husband Leon, so she told Cuz to delete the photo. Last month, Gaile and her 'boyfriend' reportedly made a trip back to HK to tell her good friends about her plans for a second marriage in the latter half of the year because she wants to have a baby. Friends felt Gaile gets very into each and every one of her relationships. Earlier Gaile spent $100,000 on a beach in Bali Island (Indonesia) for her boyfriend to hold windsurfing lessons. On the surface, this is an investment, but Gaile's friends know she did it all because of her lover and voluntary forked out money to help him start up a career.Yesterday it was reported, Cuz and Gaile maintained a close relationship, traveling all over the place together. Gaile's most recent public appearance was in March, when she made a special trip back to HK to see her idol Leonardo DiCaprio. Compared to her haggard look last year after the failed marriage, this time Gaile looked like a new person.Regarding Gaile's second marriage, reporters contacted Gaile's management yesterday to confirm. Gaile's management expressed they do not get involved with their artists' personal lives and were only willing to disclose that Gaile will be back in HK for work in the summer. Leon has not responded. 

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