Will Ethan Ruan fulfill drunken marriage proposal to Tiffany Hsu?

19 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsWith Ethan Ruan (阮經天) finishing his military duty next month, wedding bells may be in the air! Ever since Ethan’s informal proposal to Tiffany Hsu (許瑋甯) a year ago, the subject has been hanging in the air. When will the lovely couple finally walk down the aisle?Drunken ProposalBefore enlisting in the military, Ethan Ruan in his drunken state, proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Tiffany, in front of his friends. Without a bouquet of flowers nor a ring, Tiffany rejected the proposal and made light of it. This matter has been hanging in the air ever since. With Ethan leaving the military soon, his marriage intentions are gaining more attention.Ethan and Tiffany have finally started counting down the days when Ethan will end his compulsory military training after a year. Akin to long distance relationships, lovers usually suffer from the one-year break from each other. It was also rumored that the casual proposal has caused a drift between the couple.However, the strong bond between Ethan and Tiffany has weathered the worst scandals, including when Ethan was spotted bringing another girl into a hotel room in March 2010. It looks like their relationship is as strong as ever.Wedding in 2014?Ethan was spotted to be wearing a ring recently. Sharp eyes have also observed a similar ring on Tiffany’s finger when she was in Singapore to promote her new Taiwanese serial, Love Me or Leave Me . Tiffany confessed the ring on Ethan’s finger was a token of her love given 5 years ago. Despite the rumors flying around Ethan the past year, Tiffany’s trust in Ethan is still strong.Ethan hoped to fulfill Tiffany’s wish of a marriage, but will be busy with work commitments next year. “He plans [to get married] in 2014,‘ Tiffany said.Bids Farewell to Camp MatesBecause of his enlistment, Ethan was unable to attend the movie premiere of his movie, The Guillotines and could only make his appearance at the Taiwan premiere via a video clip.However, he was seen by reporters having hot pot in a restaurant with his camp mates. Out for a day, Ethan and camp mates made use of the opportunity to have a hotpot farewell dinner for themselves. After which, Ethan rushed to give his best wishes to producer Peter Chan (陳可辛) and director Andrew Lau ( 劉偉強 ) before heading back to the barracks.

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