Wilbur Pan tries to hug and kiss Rainie Yang -- but gets rejected

5 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Longtime friends Will Pan and Rainie Yang got together to shoot a music video for Will’s latest single 'Snore' <打呼>.

The music video took an entire day to film, mostly because the old friends were fooling around with each other on set, but it was a fun filled day thanks to Will and Rainie’s playful banter.

Jayne Stars reports that the music video is about Rainie having trouble sleeping at night due to Will’s loud and persistent snoring.

The onscreen pair shared many intimate scenes in the video, and in one shot, Will and Rainie hug each other in bed.

Rainie joked to the crew members, “Will is too close!” and tried to pull off the blanket.

Will immediately clarified, “That’s part of the script!”

Will claimed that the inspiration of “Snore” came from Rainie, who snores really loud when she naps.

Rainie shook her head, “How is that possible! I’m pretty sure [the song] came from your own experiences. I can’t believe I’m getting rejected because I snore. I was rejected by Will in [2008 drama] Miss No Good <不良笑花>, so this time it’s only fair that I get to reject him in this MV.”

Will tried to give Rainie a kiss and a hug, but Rainie immediately stopped him. “I want some good wine and flight tickets to the Maldives first!”

They bickered back and forth constantly, but at the end of the day, the friends had nothing but praises for each other.

Rainie lauded Will’s professionalism, saying, “I’ve known him for over ten years, and we practice our jokes with each other. But with this duet, I’ve discovered that he can also be really serious and proper like a gentleman.”

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