Wilber Pan rushed to hospital after serious head injury during rehearsal

27 October 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

During a rehearsal in the midnight today, Wilber Pan suffered a serious head injury and was rushed to the hospital.

Wilber reportedly was rehearsing for a mid-air stunt for his concert tomorrow. To perfect the stunt, Wilber was said to have practised over 10 times.

As he was very exhausted, he lost his balance and plunged down the stage. Wilber hit his head and bled profusely. He was rushed to a hospital immediately after the accident.

Wilber had a 17-cm wound on his head and received two surgeries to stitch up his injury, reports Asian Pop News.

Wilber’s agency, Universal Music has released a press statement and updated that Wilber would need to stay in the hospital for observation for 5 to 7 days. In view of his serious injury, Wilber’s concert at The Taipei Arena on Oct 25 will be cancelled.

A video clip of Wilber’s accident has also exposed. In the clip, Wilber who was tied in the mid-air was screaming in pain and using his hand to press his injured head. Blood was seen and the crew around him was shouting to call the ambulance.

Rainie Yang was so worried that she broke down in tears upon hearing the mishap.

She said, “I saw the news and cried immediately. I am so scared I will lose this friend! I initially wanted to give him a surprise by going up the stage and perform with him tomorrow. I can only pray for his early recovery now. Because he is a real man, he will not show the vulnerable side of him. I hope everyone can encourage him.”

The entertainment site added that Rainie also left a post on her Weibo to Wilber, “You will be fine. Everything will be fine.”

Another good friend, Selina Jen is also worried for him, and said, “I feel sorry for Wilber and I hope that he can recover soon. I have texted him a message and hope that he can recuperate well. Health is more important.”

Michelle Chen wrote on her Weibo, “Wilber, my bro. I hope you will be safe and sound. I will keep on praying for you.”

Cyndi Wang said, “Wilber, please take care. I hope you will be fine.”

Ella Chen also prays for his recovery, “Get well soon. Health and safety are very important. Do not work so hard. My heart is aching seeing you like this.”

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