Wilber Pan is ready to perform again after head injury last year

17 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Following the cancellation of his concert at the Taipei Arena which resulted to his severe head injury last October, Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan announces that he is more than ready to perform again.

In October of last year, it has been reported that Pan has had to reschedule his much awaited concert after he sustained an injury to the head during a choreography incident which resulted to 17 stitches and a mild concussion.

However, on a recent interview, Pan became the herald of good news after he announced that he has recovered fully from his mishap and is ready to perform for his adoring fans once again.

During the interview, the 34-year old singer thanked his fans, both local and international, saying that he owned them a lot because of the cancellation of the concert.

He expressed that the saddest part about the cancellation of the show is because it had to happen only a day before the concert, reports China Topix.

The singer shared that because of this, many of his international fans have already flown to Taipei in order to attend the show, but unfortunately, the accident happened.

"When I discovered that I was injured, I felt really guilty to waste their money," Pan said to the media, sharing that he felt responsible for it somehow.

He later revealed that the accident made him realize that the world is 'filled with love'. After he got injured, he says that a lot of his seniors in the industry expressed their sympathies and support for him.

"[My] neighbors also sent various dishes to my mom to help my quick recovery," the singer stated.

Despite the unfortunate accident, Pan remained positive and although the concert had to be changed, the singer expressed that he wished to see his fans again.

"I think this is a test," Pan said. "The injuries have made me stronger and more determined than ever."

While resting at the hospital, Pan revealed that he has written a new song entitled 'Heaven Calls Home for Me' which expressed his gratitude for being well despite his injuries.

Pan's Taipei Arena concert is slated to launch on January 31.

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