Why you shouldn't mess with local actor Zheng Geping's daughter

19 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Taekwondo is no stranger to local artiste Zheng Geping and his family -- his daughter has a black belt in the sport while his son has once emerged champion in a competition.

According to a report on Lianhe Wanbao, the 49-year-old actor and his 52-year-old wife, Hong Huifang, brought their children to Woodlands Galaxy Community Club on Nov 17, where they led a crowd in a display of taekwondo.

Zheng Geping was also there for the autograph session of his new book, Star Fitness.

He revealed that his 17-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son had picked up taekwondo since young for the sake of health and fitness. While his daughter can execute higher kicks, his son has more strength in the hands.

Exercise buddies and fellow artistes Constance Song Yifei and Belinda Lee Xinyu were also present. With their fit bodies, they were dubbed "Charlie's Angels".

According to a report in The New Paper, Zheng Geping and Hong Huifang believe in drawing a distinct line between work and personal life, despite their celebrity status and even when their worlds collide on the set.

"Work is work. Home is home. We don't bring work home. As an artiste, you need to inject emotion in your character. So we try not to bring that home. At home we're a couple. At work, we're strictly co-stars." said Zheng during television series C.L.I.F 3's lensing ceremony.

Hong added, "At most, he asks me for my opinion on how to read a line and I will show him, but that's it." 

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