Why Suzy started sobbing during press conference

1 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Miss A's Suzy recently broke down and cried during a press conference for 'Gu Family Book'.

On an episode of "Healing Camp", the young idol had the chance to explain why she was upset.

She said, "It was because of several things. I always try to think positively. I feel more comfortable if I’m at a disadvantage and I don’t like to butt heads with people."

She explained, "I could bear the physical exhaustion but I couldn't express the scars I received from people. Everything started to build up and when I kept thinking that I should hold it in, it just exploded.

She went deeper into the issue, and shared that, “There were a lot of instances where I was looked down upon because I am young. People tell me ‘you don’t know because you’re too young’ but on the other hand, they expect me to act like an adult. These kinds of contradictions really made me mad,” she shared.

She went on, saying, "Even though my schedule was so full that I couldn't rest, it wasn't hard. Being exhausted from being busy just means that many people want to see me, which makes me happy. But I want to have time to learn and do one thing well but since I’m so busy, there’s a lot of times when I just have to do it

"In the end, I had signs of depression. I wondered if I could continue to live like this and if I could endure through all of this tomorrow once again. Once, I was just laughing and talking with my friend and I suddenly started to cry."

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