Why S'poreans show so much affection for late actor Huang Wenyong

26 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago
Over the past week, STOMP has seen an upsurge of page views and unique visitors over Huang Wenyong's death, reflecting Singaporeans' enduring affection for the veteran MediaCorp actor.

The charismatic actor's funeral saw an enormous turnout of fans and celebrities, following his death at the age of 60 of lymphoma on Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Listed here are all of the stories that STOMP carried in connection with his death.

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Veteran MediaCorp actor Huang Wenyong dies aged 60
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Tears and high emotions at Star Awards over Huang Wenyong's death Huang Wenyong kept cancer a secret as he didn't want others to worry about him
Veteran actor Huang Wenyong refused to be photographed when sick
Fellow actors are among hundreds who turn up at Huang Wenyong's funeral
Huang Wenyong had rejected Xiang Yun's attempts to visit him in hospital
Huang Wenyong's wish for 'Heiress' drama re-run to be fulfilled Huang Wenyong's daughter tweets about his passing: 'He's gone to a better place'
Xiang Yun dreamt of Huang Wenyong who told her: 'I'm going to change clothes
'Huang Wenyong's final resting place is at Bright Hill columbarium
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