Why shed tears and queue for 7 days for K-Pop concert, asks STOMPer

25 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Photos: Zinkie Aw for STOMP, AsiaOne, Internet, Running Into The Sun, TNPSTOMPer Kluge wondered what was the rational behind queuing for seven days, crying and getting angry over a K-Pop concert.The STOMPer wrote in to express this opinion after reading media reports on how fans cried and got angry after loosing out to others despite queuing for tickets for seven days.STOMPer Kluge said:"Tears flow, tempers flare as K-Pop fans queue seven days for nothing."What is the rational behind all this fuss, may I ask?"This news amused me, so I can't help but pen down my amusing thoughts on these brainless adolescents who chase after these good- looking celebrities."Idolise idolise, idolise. In the end, what do they achieve or gain?"Will it make them more academically inclined, improve their character or upbringing?"You should shed tears when you did not do well in your studies, or shed tears when you are rewarded for your hard work in the national examinations and not because you were not able to catch a glimpse of your pretty-face celebrities."It makes no sense at all."Instead of engaging in meaningful activities that will help in character moulding (since they are adolescents) they cried just because they cannot see a handsome or pretty face!"With this sort of mentality right now I cannot imagine what kind of mindset they will have when they grow up."Maybe they will only grow physically."

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