Why is Scary Spice so afraid of that she carries a needle around?

30 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Mel B always carries a sewing kit to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.The 'America's Got Talent' judge keeps a needle and thread in her bad along with safety pins in case she rips a gown on the red carpet.

She said: "I carry a little sewing kit because I've had dresses fall off before, and I always have safety pins too, just in case."

The former Spice Girls star recently celebrated her 38th birthday with husband Stephen Belafonte and marked the occasion with a big bash in Las Vegas, where she was filming 'America's Got Talent'.

She said: "It's a birthday celebration and work combined. "It's the perfect test of how life could actually be [for the contestants]. If you haven't been to Las Vegas already, everyone needs to go to Las Vegas in their lifetime.

"I've always enjoyed my time in Las Vegas a lot."After her work duties, Mel and Stephen enjoyed a special birthday dinner at eatery Andrea's.

There they enjoyed an enormous platter, which included chef Joseph Elevado's shishito peppers, shellfish platter, wagyu and lobster roll, and five-spice lobster before Mel was presented with a birthday cake.

The couple then took their party to Surrender nightclub, where Lil Jon and Sidney Samson were DJing.

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