Why Sandra Ng fled secretly from wedding

17 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Sandra Ng made a hasty exit from the wedding of Raymond Wong Pak Ming's son.

Raymond's son Edmond Wong Chi Wun got married two nights ago.

According to a report on HK Top Ten, Many friends in the business came to congratulate the new couple.

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu who worked with Wong Pak Ming on many films also attended.

Perhaps due to Mainland star Tian Pujun calling her husband Peter Chan Ho Sun boyfriend of many years, she did not want to be interviewed and chose to avoid the media through a secret exit.

Sima Yin last night had a lot of fun and kept taking photos with friends.

Louis Koo Tin Lok posed for an intimate photo.

She happily said, "Congratulation to Brother Pak Ming and Lidia for getting a daughter in law!"

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