Why Linda Chung and Raymond Wong were booed at swimwear show

3 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

TVB stars Linda Chung and Raymond Wong were in tight wraps when they attended a summer promotional event for Speedo on June 1, coming on stage to a torrent of boos, reported on.CC.

When Raymond’s swimming trunks slipped off, revealing his brief underneath, the crowd cheered and laughed at Linda for being “the loser.

‘Raymond supported Linda, “She’s not the loser! It’s just that she will be releasing a photo book soon, so she is saving the best for later.

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve last seen Linda, but I do think [her body] looks much more firm now.

I used to make fun of her for being ‘˜big’! Now she’s completely fit!‘Linda laughed, “Yes, I will prove to him! I’ve been doing a lot of weightlifting.

‘ The 29-year-old actress expressed that she is currently not in her best shape to wear a bikini.

“I’ll leave that task to the younger ones,‘ said Linda.

Asked if Linda was given any offers to model swimsuits, Linda said, “There were a lot of these [offers] when I first joined the industry, but now‘¦ my manager probably won’t allow me to do it.'

Is it because Linda is too expensive to hire? Turning to Raymond, Linda said, “I don’t know! I have to ask my manager!‘ Raymond exclaimed, “Of course!‘

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