Why Jay Chou is planning to open coffee shop for wife

21 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Jay Chou is known for his talent in making music, but the Taiwanese singer-songwriter also has a business-savvy mind.

Nine years ago, he invested on the men’s contemporary fashion brand PHANTACi, which became one of Asia’s most popular stores for men’s streetwear.

In 2013, he and his close friends established their own brand management company MRJ, earning 10 million NT ($325,400 USD) in the first half-year of business.

It has been said that his wife Hannah Quinlivan has always wanted to open her own coffee shop.

Sources close to Hannah said that the 21-year-old started to take latte art classes last year, while Jay and his team worked on finding the resources to open her coffee shop.

It is reported that Hannah’s coffee shop was originally slated to open next month, but because of slow renovation and other commodity registrations, the grand opening ceremony was postponed to this October, reports Jayne Stars.

Hannah is currently about five months pregnant with her first child with Jay.

Hannah shared recently that her baby responded with a kick when her older sister sang Jay Chou’s “Listen to Mother’s Words” to her belly.

“Babi, you have a new fan!” she wrote on her Weibo.

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