Why Jay Chou had to eat leftoevers and shower at friend's house in the past

19 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: JayneStars

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan held three lavish weddings in England, Taiwan, and Australia to celebrate their start in life. Many of the couple’s close friends and relatives attended all three weddings. However, Jay’s ex-boss and famously opinionated Taiwanese host, Jacky Wu, was not invited to any of the celebrations. This has prompted Jacky to criticize Jay for being cold and ungrateful.

In response, one of Jay’s good friends, Will Liu spoke up for Jay and defended him. He said that when Jay was first signed to Jacky’s company, he was “contracted as a composer and not a singer” and was thus not trained by Jacky to become a pop singer.

Will then spoke about Jay’s wages at the time and emphasized that Jay received minimal wages from Jacky. To illustrate how poor Jay was, Will revealed that Jay was living at the company’s quarters but would take showers at Will’s place and only eat Will’s leftover lunch boxes from filming. This went on for three years before Jay finally had the chance to release his first album.

Will then expressed, “Jay is not a cold and ungrateful person.” He added that, for instance, after Jay became popular, he invited Will to be a part of the production crew for a film he was making, and also voluntarily endorsed the gym that Will set up. All these acts were done on account of Jay’s friendship with Will.

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