Why Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan are most likely going to be parents of a baby girl

11 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Since the start of Hannah Quinlivan's pregnancy, the gender of the baby has been a mystery.

Earlier, Jay Chou revealed the colour of his baby's stroller, which is black. Hannah's mum also pointed out that her tummy was pointed.

All these led to speculations that she was having a boy, reports Asian Pop News

However, Taiwanese media reported that all these information as just a smokescreen and that a reliable source said that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

They're saying that if a woman is pregnant with a boy, she will be affected by the male hormones, and her complexion will become bad.

However, Hannah is looking even more beautiful after the pregnancy.

Others say that should a woman be regnant with a boy, she will be easily irritated, but Hannah's manager shared that her temper is good recently.

Hannah's manager declined to respond on the gender of the baby and said that the couple will announce it later.

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