Why Jackie Chan was director's specific choice -- to be an extra in firefighting film

30 December 2013 / 2 years 9 months ago

If you're planning to catch As the light goes out, the upcoming movie starring Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue, keep a lookout for Jackie Chan.

Recently-released stills of the production shows him decked out in firefighting gear as he guest-starred in the film, reported On.cc.

However, while he was only getting a 'small fee' and was only a guest star, Jackie Chan did not slack off during filming.

On the day of the shoot, he attentively listened to the instructions from Derek Kwok, the director.

One of them was for Chan to dish out tongue-twisting lines which brought about the possibility of a long shoot due to bad takes.

Fortunately for the crew, Chan picked up quickly thanks to his vast experience.

Despite having to say the lines more than a dozen times due to the need to shoot from different angles, Chan did not slip up once.

In an interview, Kwok revealed the reason why he specifically asked for Chan to be in the movie, even though it was for a small role.

He said that he wanted an artist of a certain calibre to star in the role as this film doubled up as a recruitment campaign for the fire brigade.

Explaining why Chan was his pick, he cited an incident where Chan's quick reflexes allowed him to help an extra who fell during an evacuation scene.

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