Why heartthrob Shawn Yue feels he desperately needs a GF

9 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Shawn Yue attended a luxury car event and hoped somebody will give him a car:

"I hope to become the spokesperson for car advertisement so I need not spend any money to buy my own. I have six cars currently. Parking is troublesome as hard to find and some space is too small.

When asked if he was dating Mainland China artiste, Feng Wenjuan after filming a movie together,

Shawn denied and said:

"It is obviously a promotional tactic for the movie. We only had one scene and met once.

"She is a very hardworking artiste and I'm not sure who is spreading the rumours.

"Some friends said I am pitiful and they wanted to introduce female friends from entertainment industry.

"I think I need it as my elder brother has a daughter while my younger sister is married."

When asked if her mother introduced anyone to him, Shawn said:

"Her choices are not good."

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Shawn Yue
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