Why Girls' Generation Sooyoung took this photo with Daniel Henney

11 April 2014 / 3 years 1 month ago

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung had a fangirl moment when she got to snap a picture with the handsome Daniel Henney.

But really, her snapshot with the handsome actor was apparently to tease his biggest fangirl Jessica, reports Soompi.

Sooyoung showed off her lucky moment on Instagram on the 10th, writing the caption, "He is so handsome with #Danielhenny", along with a proof shot.

She also then posted a comment which read, "Are you watching Jessica?", bringing laughs to her followers.

However her fans pointed out that rather than making Jessica jealous, Sooyoung might also be stirring the jealousy of her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho instead.

Daniel Henney is currently focusing his attention on American TV shows, having picked up another role in upcoming ABC pilot drama 'Agatha'.

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