Why Gigi Leung urgently needs to put baby plans on hold

29 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Gigi Leung recently attended a promotional event for Aberdeen in five-inch heels despite her back injury, and revealed she has to undergo treatment and birth control to heal her back.

She said that she is already getting treatment but her doctor suggested she use contraception to avoid exerting pressure on the pelvis during pregnancy, according to HK Top Ten.

She admitted that she has to slam the brakes on her parenthood plans, and said that as a child she already experienced back pain and frozen shoulder.

A recent X-ray showed that her vertebral column would need corrective treatment. She believed that it was from years of bad habit, and her height sometimes brought inconvenience.

Gigi said that her doctor told her she would need at least two months to recover.

She admitted that her husband had quite a hard time accepting birth control, but he has been very attentive. Every night when she sleeps on her side, he would lay her flat to prevent spinal injury.

She also said that she has not been sleeping well, and now even her life in the bedroom is affected. She joked, "We are on turbo, now we have to apply the emergency brake. We can only leave it to fate!" 

Gigi Leung
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