Why Fala Chen slapped Chilam Cheung

23 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Recently, Fala Chen attended a press conference for the launch of a new smartphone.

The organizer gave Fala a new phone covered with SWAROVSKI crystals, and Fala regarded it as her first Valentine Day's gift, reports Mingpa via TVB Newsworld. 

Fala said she doesn't have any special wishes for Valentine Day's and has not received any gifts yet.

Fala said she didn't want a boyfriend because work is her current priority. She'll be spending Valentine's Day working in the Mainland, but she will first take a short two week break to visit her parents in the States and celebrate Lunar New Year with them.

Fala recently guest starred in Chilam Cheung's new MV You Are So Hard to Forget (你是如此難以忘記) along with Kay Tse, MeiKi Wong and Fun Lo.

Fala was seen slapping Chilam after a kiss. She said this was filmed with clever camera angles.

"Chilam suddenly pretended to kiss me, making me think of his 'Cool Mor' scum look in Triumph in the Skies II, but he still looked handsome and hot.

"I didn't actually slap Chilam, he was able to dodge me real fast; he was faster than my hand. There was one scene, I touched him and he already started screaming."

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