Why everyone wants to be Eric Nam -- hot supermodel asks him for his number

9 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Comedian Hwang Jae Sung and Eric Nam, were both members of 'Section TV Entertainment,' and they appear as guest on yesterday, December 3 broadcast  of MBC's 'Shim Shim Tapa'.

DJ Shindong was able to ask Hwang Jae Sung, "How do you view Eric Nam's progress as you are on 'Section TV' together?"

Hwang Jae Sung shared , "Eric Nam's charms come out ten minutes into any interview with Hollywood actresses and foreign models . . . International model Barbara Palvin even got Eric Nam's phone number before leaving."

Eric Nam out of embarrassment just said, "Is it okay to say these things? . . . It's true.  But we're not really in touch anymore."

Eric Nam was able to interview the model way back in August for their segment in 'Section TV Entertainment.' While Barbara Palvin also shared in an interview with 'Elle' for the magazines October issue that she had most fun during her time in Korea while being interview by Eric Nam.

Netizens reacted on this revelation saying, "I guess Barbara Palvin liked Eric Nam," "It is because she could speak in English with Eric Nam..," "I wonder what she liked about Eric Nam," and, "I wonder why they don't get in touch anymore."

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