Why does he look so different? Jiro Wang shocks fans with selfie

12 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

It is not the first time in which Jiro Wang was suspected of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Netizens had in the past did a comparison of his past and recent photos and discovered that he now has a higher nose bridge and sharper facial features.

Although Jiro has dismissed going under the knife and clarified that his look was enhanced by using makeup, a recent selfie picture has sparked the cosmetic surgery debate again.

Yesterday, Jiro posted a picture of himself on Weibo and wrote, “Has everyone used the magic water? Wishing everyone a happy international women’s day!”

Eagle-eyed netizens commented that in the photo, Jiro had very thick eyebrows and a smooth, supple skin. Compared to his old photos, Jiro now has double eyelids and a very high nose bridge.

A netizen remarked, “I don’t understand if your look is transformed because of makeup or did you really go for plastic surgery? You look so different.”

One netizen also said, “Your face looks entirely different now. The area between your eyes are getting sharper. Don’t tell me you did not go for any plastic surgery?”

Another netizen also joined in the mockery, “What is magic water? We will become like you after using it.”

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