Why the director could not even look at Gregory Wong during his almost nude scene

21 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Rising star Gregory Wong has no limits for showing skin onscreen. The actor shared that he almost went fully nude for Pang Ho Cheung’s latest film Lazy Hazy Crazy, and said he has no problems in doing it again.

To celebrate the film’s completion, the cast and crew of Pang Ho Cheung’s Lazy Hazy Crazy held a nine-table banquet on June 19, reports Jayne Stars.

Siu Yam Yam , Chui Tien You, and female lead Ashina Kwok were also present.

Gregory only took three days to film his part in the film. Lazy Hazy Crazy is Gregory’s second attempt at going almost fully nude in a movie, after last month’s Imprisoned Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal.

“None of us have a limit,” said Gregory.

“I wasn’t wearing underwear either,” he laughed. “I was almost nude. I think the visuals would look good on screen.

Even the director said he didn’t want to look at me!” Unlike most bed scenes, which are heavily choreographed and hard to film, Gregory said his intimate scene with Ashina was fairly easy, and it was not awkward to do at all.

He also praised his partner for being a great actress, explaining that she has captured the youth aura of her character really well.

An increasing amount of Hong Kong’s films and television dramas are now being co-produced with China or other countries, losing that distinct “Hong Kong flavor.”

Asking if Gregory would be interested in working on a co-production, he said, “Co-productions have their benefits. The market in China is much larger.

More money is invested in those films and the filming environment is more comfortable. However, there is a limit to the things we can explore in those films.”

He continued. “It really depends. If you want more money and increase your fame, you should do those films. If you’re stubborn like me, then try doing more different things first.”

Gregory believes that working on smaller, local productions can help hone his acting better.

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