Why director and film crew are 'forcing' Karena Ng to eat more meat

21 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

At a recent promotional event for GuiTea, Karena Ng shared her tips and tricks in preparing green tea with the audience.

Appearing in a colorful skirt and revealing her thin waist to the public, the 22-year-old actress expressed that she actually hopes to gain ten pounds for an upcoming film project.

Karena will be starring alongside popular Korean idol Lee Min Ho in her next film although they will speak different languages. Karena seemed to be dropping hints to reassure boyfriend Raymond Lam that she will not be chatting much with Lee Min Ho, reports Jayne Stars

Speaking of her figure, Karena revealed that she currently possesses a 23 inch waist, and is not considered overly slim.

However, she added that she is looking forward to gaining weight in general to prepare for her next project.

“The director and crew of the film want me to have a little more meat,” she shared. 

Karena sadly expressed that she is also starting to gradually lose her baby fat.

“Other people prefer to have a sharper face, but I prefer it to be more full and round. It looks younger that way.”

Currently weighing 100 pounds, Karena’s goal is to gain 10 more pounds through exercise and a change of diet.

She revealed, “I will be visiting a nutritionist and asking a fitness instructor for advice.”

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