Why did Yoyo Mung post this disgusting photo on her blog?

22 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago
Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) and her husband, Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) had an earlier consensus that they will not be having any babies so they treat their cat, Marshmallow, as their precious little one.

According to an article in Asian E-News Portal, on her blog, Yoyo uploaded a photo of Marshmallow's faeces and but fortunately, she covered it with a smiley face as it was considered gross.

Yoyo wrote: "Marshmallow, please do not lose your temper although your dad is not at home. You cannot poo poo on the dining table and the faeces has white fur. You need not deny as I have accompanied you for many years and please do not assume that I cannot tell it's yours."

Is Yoyo is hinting that she is missing her hubby, Ekin, who is not at home?

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