Why Dada Chan wants to be single now

26 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

At a recent entertainment expo, Dada Chan made the surprising assertion that she no longer wants a boyfriend.

Asked to clarify her comment, the 25-year-old simply said, "He would just be in the way. She quickly added, "I am not hurt by love, I just don't want dating to affect my career."

Dada also admitted that she gained a few pounds recently because she just went on vacation in Japan.

Celebrating her birthday with friends, she revealed that her birthday wish was that her film would be a big hit.

She says that this time she put a lot of effort into her acting, which is different from how she stumbled her way to a Best Supporting Actress award for VULGARIA and relying on luck.

She admits that at the time, she did not 'get' acting.

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