Why Chapman To is a 'hero': Read his retort to wife who called him 'dumb'

2 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Chapman To recently posted a photo from his film Naked Ambition 3D, which includes a scene where he soars through the air like a superhero.

He recently revealed that his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei had watched an advanced screening of his movie, and had remarked that he was 'very dumb'.

Chapman, however, struck back at Krystal and said that her agreeing to marry him was even dumber, earning him chuckles of appreciation for his retort.

Unfortunately for Chapman, his wit seems to be lost on Joey Yung, who was upset by a recent comment of his.

This led Chapman to apologise through social media, but she has yet to decide if she will forgive him.

Yesterday a magazine article revealed that Chapman had upset Joey by hinting that she took no risks in her career, yet seemed to reap all the benefits.

He also mocked her boyfriend Wilfred Lau, calling him garbage.

The article also alleged that Chapman kept shooting Joey's toes during the film and and joked that they looked like chicken feet. 

Chapman however denied the allegations made by the article in a text message.

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