Why celeb couple Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong refused to kiss in public

21 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Two days ago, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and Raymond Cho (曹永廉) arrived at Dragon Centre in Kowloon City to promote new TVB series Madam Cutie on Duty (師奶MADAM).

The pair, Edwin and Priscilla became the audience's center of attention; their good friend Raymond took the lead and requested them to publicly kiss.

They pretended not to hear and digressed to another topic, constantly talking about the plot development.

Ultimately, even when they were asked to do a face to face, they refused.

Revealed to be often mocked by boyfriend

Edwin and Priscilla expressed that the series is very popular and that the ratings are not bad but they wouldn't announce any marriage news if the ratings reach a certain point.

Priscilla comically said: "If it reaches 30 points, then tell Edwin and Raymond to marry, I will be their witness, see how much I'm sacrificing!"

Edwin expressed that if he can be in a same-sex marriage, he would marry Raymond.

He jokingly said that they were a couple from their past life. He can't help it if he has to give up Priscilla from this lifetime.

Suggested to have kids before marriage

Priscilla pointed out that the way they get along with each other in real life is similar to their characters in the series.

Edwin often mocks her and she, of course, has comebacks.

Edwin expressed that he can't help it because the woman often starts something and teases him to "start a war".

Raymond sees Edwin as his younger brother and really takes good care of him.

He often tells Edwin and Priscilla that they don't have to marry first.

They can be like him or his father-in-law, David Chiang, who reversed the procedure, and had kids before marrying.

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