Why Ariel Lin's BF had 'no choice' but to kneel down and propose

30 October 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Today is a special day for Ariel Lin! Besides celebrating her 32nd birthday, it is also her engagement ceremony with her fiancé, Lin Yuchao.

Ariel said that it was stressful facing the reporters at her engagement ceremony. “This is the most difficult press conference in my life! I am not used to sharing so many personal things.

Her fiancé, who met the media for the first time, was even more nervous. Yuchao said, "I am actually very nervous, but I am very happy today!"

According to an article on Asian Pop News, Yuchao also shared his wedding proposal experience at New York.

“We had been dating for about a year and at that time, Ariel went for an interview by her school. I prepared a bouquet of flowers at the hotel and told the waiter to place it near the restroom. However, he ended up placing it on the sofa. I had no choice and had to kneel down on the spot."

Ariel said that she did not know what was going on. “I was wondering how he knew that my interview went well. I was surprised when he knelt down and I panicked. I paused for a while before agreeing to his proposal."

During the interview, Ariel was heard calling her husband “honey” twice. She said sweetly to her husband, “Honey, you have to stand in front.”

Ariel held a 50-table engagement banquet at the Ambassador Hotel Taipei, and the couple prepared around 600 boxes of cakes for guests.

Ariel did not accept any sponsorships for her engagement. She wore three wedding gowns, and two were bought from England. The other one was specially made for her by her designer friend. The total cost of her gowns is estimated to be NT$240,000.

Ariel and Yuchao will hold their wedding banquet on Christmas Eve. The wedding banquet will be attended by guests from bridegroom’s family, and no celebrities will be invited.

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