Why AOA and Dal Shabet toned down their sexy choreography

23 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Girl groups who have been trying to outdo each other with their sexy concepts have decided to edit their choreography, turning the sexiness down a notch. Both Dal Sabet and AOA have decided to change their choreography.

According to Soompi, there have been instances where singers edit or change their choreography after their comeback due to public opinion, and it seems to be the case for both groups.

After receiving feedback from networks and fans, they have decided to make changes in their choreography.

AOA’s agency, FNC Entertainment, stated on January 22:

“AOA will be editing some of the dance moves from its sexy comeback performance for ‘Miniskirt’ to be showcased on broadcast stages.

"AOA will be changing its choreography into a more ‘innocent sexy’ version. The group will apply the feedback from fans and appeal with a new charm after changing its dance routine.”

Previously, Dal Shabet also decided to edit one of its dance moves for B.B.B. Although they proved, they could be sexy without exposing their skin, they decided to edit the dance move after receiving feedback that it could be seen as too provocative.

AOA, Dal Shabet
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