Why Angelababy and Janice Man's friendship suffered

22 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Angelababy (Yang Ying) and Janice Man Wing Shan ventured into the film industry at around the same time after embarking on their modeling careers.

They were then dubbed each other's nemesis.

According to an article in hktopten, two nights ago, they bumped into each other at the 13th Chinese Film Media Award.

Anglababy Baby won the Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Actress award, while Janice was just a guest.

The comparison was inevitable.

Angelababy has been in the business for 3 years and made 8 movies, 6 of which made over 100 million yuan.

She said that this year she has won several film awards, which were quite encouraging. She hoped to continue to hone her acting.

She, however, humbly said that she did not feel that her career pulled ahead of Janice's.

Baby said, "Everyone has your own road to take, as long as you are happy it's fine. She is great too, I have supported her movies."

Baby admitted that once, due to her job, her friendship with Janice was affected.

She said: "Our relationship used to be great, but for awhile, we became distant and had some slight misunderstanding because of work locations and many reasons!

"When we grew up, we realized that in this business no one would be friends forever or enemies forever.

"As long as you bring your heart to make friends it's fine."

Angelababy refused to reveal who took the initiative to resolve the misunderstanding.

She only said, "Ultimately artists would like to have some secrets for themselves.

Actually it's not like anything happened, only at the workplace we couldn't get along."

When reporters then suggested for her to stay for a photo with Janice, Baby awkwardly turned it down.

Janice was happy for Angelababy's win and said she would celebrate with her with champagne.

She, however, admitted that she wanted an award.

"The goal of an actress is to receive recognition."

Speaking of Angelababy and her becoming distant due to a misunderstanding, was it due to competition?

Janice said, "I don't need to confirm what kind of misunderstanding it is, actually everyone has competition.

"It wouldn't keep you from being friends, no competition means no improvement. Seeing her good performance, I would work harder too."

JM agreed that Angelababy has developed better than her. "There are many factors, obviously her great career doesn't mean that I have to give up.

"Everyone's pace is different, a clear goal is the most important. I don't mind walking slowly, as every step is firmly on the ground."

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