Why Andie Chen denied dating Kate Pang even though she was pregnant

28 November 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Channel 8 actress Kate Pang and Star Search winner Andie Chen married on Sunday and are expecting a baby, after secretly dating for a year.

Pang, 30, and Chen, 28, registered their marriage and had an "intimate family dinner", said MediaCorp artiste manager Mei Ho.

They have no plans for a wedding banquet. In a statement issued by the broadcaster on Monday, the couple said going underground had been the "healthiest" way to maintain a relationship in show business.

As recently as last month, Chen shot down rumours of a romance with Pang while publicising prime-time drama Disclosed, reports The Straits Times.

Pang, who is Taiwanese, played friends with Chen in period drama Joys Of Life last year. In prison drama Break Free in March, they played a couple.

Chen, who is back in town for the registry wedding, will return to Taiwan soon, where he has been trying to break into Taiwanese showbusiness.

Local actor Andie Chen drops marriage and pregnancy bombshell -- on the same day

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